How To Get More Facebook Likes & Youtube Views

how to get more facebook likes

Businesses with Facebook pages know “likes” are everything. When someone likes your page, not only do your status updates show up on their newsfeeds, but the announcement of that like shows up so that all of their friends can see. It’s a great way to get word out about your brand, but so much of it is out of your control. Here are a few ways to increase likes for your Facebook page. Some of the best Facebook marketing success stories revolve around contests. Let’s face it. People want a deal. Often people will go to great measures to get that deal, especially when the words “contest” or “sweepstakes” are brought up. Whether you’re a hotel chain offering the chance for a free night’s stay to everyone who likes your page or a food manufacturer offering free samples or coupons to anyone who likes you, nothing can jump-start your Facebook presence like a giveaway. The bonus for th

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ese types of offers is your customers will first like your page, then pass the word on to all of your friends. Make it easier by suggesting your fans forward the offer on, which means the fact that they liked your site will show up on their newsfeed, followed by the shared link. Advertising has never been as easy.

how to get more facebook likes

When it comes to social media, cross promotionis everything. Facebook badges are available for your company website, as well as your other social media accounts. But the most important opportunity is one that allows you to add like buttons to everything you post. These like buttons not only show up on your company website, but on posted videos, photos, news of brands, and your company blog. With each new item you post, provide the opportunity for your customers to like you. The “Share” feature is also important, encouraging your site visitors to share your content with everyone on Facebook. This can be added to videos, photos, news items, articles, and blogs to draw attention to your brand.

Join Groups

Facebook has groups, filled with people who share similar interests. Find groups that fall within your page’s focus and join them. But don’t join just to spam the group. Regularly interact with others in the group and check out their pages, clicking the like button as often as possible. Often people will reciprocate, especially if you’re getting to know them through the group’s forums.

how to get more youtube views  Whether on Facebook or in your day-to-day operations, you should always reward loyalty. Those customers who regularly patronize your location should be thanked. On Facebook, highlight your most loyal customers in some way—perhaps with a “customer of the month” feature. This will not only make the customer feel good and show other customers you care, but it will bring out that competitive streak in people that has them

how to get more youtube views

Encourage other fans to comment on your customer of the month. You can even include a feature interview on the person, linked from Facebook to your social media page or placed as a note on Facebook. This promotes interaction between customers, but it also makes your featured customer a star for a day or so. That customer will then direct all of his or her friends to your page to see the mention, potentially bringing in even more likes.
 how to get more youtube views

One way to get large numbers of fans and likes quickly is to pay for them. You could place an ad on Facebook, which always draws attention, but paying a company to provide likes in bulk will likely prove to be cheaper.As a buyer beware, however, it’s important to note that some of these sites do not provide real fans, as promised, but fake Facebookers. If your goal is simply to have that high number next to your like button, go ahead and pay one of these companies. Otherwise, it’s important to do your research and find a company that can provide legitimate people with real profiles to like your page.Or do it the old-fashioned way. Set up a profile, network, and wait for the likes to roll in.